Becoming immersed in wildness.

Absorbed by nature

Feeling the smallness of human

Warm blooded

By water

In water

Toes feeling the edges of the season

Growing in sensation

Seeping into my skin

Enveloped by the seasons

Entering ecological time

With every breath

Growing in my skin

Inspired by, awed by, immersed in, convening within, opening to, dissolving in, circulating within, watering, sensing being in water. Every day between moons I spend time in wild waters, be it river, lake, sea, home waters or afar.

Since Winter Solstice 2016 I have swum every day in outdoor waters, sometimes twice or more, sometimes in daylight, sometimes by night, having swum weekly all year round for a decade before that – I reflect on my deepening relatedness in nature. You can follow my posts on Instagram


Or you can read some of my reflections in this feature for The Outdoor Swimming Society.