Helen Edwards

Ecological Art, Movement and Integrative Arts Psychotherapy

Having a life long artistic practice I naturally followed my path to the Masters training in Integrative Arts Psychotherapy in the mid 1990’s, then delving into Ecopsychology in the last decade. My work  has naturally grown from my belief that human nature exists already a part of nature and intricately held in a greater than human ecological context.  So a process of emergent change for humans already part of nature may be stimulated, regulated and held in connecting to, and feeling connected by, the natural environment. My passion for dancing in nature led me to study movement, specifically Butoh (in Japan) and Amerta Movement (in Indonesia), which place movement in ecological context.

I have swum outdoors all my life, and water in landscape offers huge inspiration and support to my experiences of creative living.  As an artist I draw on all aspects of embodied natural life  I encounter and which encounter me.

My creative work combines innate healing power in nature with humanistic relational work, simple breath and body awareness practice, free movement in landscape, work with natural ecology, personal reflection and creative process.  My approach arises out of years of experience, research and practice as artist, arts and eco-psychotherapist, swimmer, dancer, nature lover, movement practitioner, and wildlife gardener.

I have worked as a psychotherapist and artist for over 25 years, developing simple ways of providing therapeutic experiences indoors and outdoors, offering people psychological, emotional, physical or spiritual support.  I have worked in therapeutic communities, health and social care, education, early years settings and in employment related organisational change. I have founded innovative arts based projects for individuals, families, schools and communities, exploring working with art and ecology. I am passionate in supporting ecological consciousness, engaging mind, body and spirit and offering accessible and inclusive opportiunities to a diverse range of people.

I work as a visual artist creating innovative work.

I offer movement in landscape sessions, artistic exloration and mentoring.

I offer arts and eco- psychotherapy sessions in a clinical setting and also outdoors, which can offer a more informal, natural and relaxed way of engaging for those drawn to this.

I am a gardener and budding ecologist, working with community groups and local organisations.

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